Our Team

Team Member CPA

Mr. Yasser Rezk

He's the Partner Quality Assurance,he was graduated in 1981 and joined the office in 1983.

Team Member Tax Manager

Mr. Mohamed Tawfik

He's the Partner Tax Manager; He was graduated 1981, and he joined the office in 1985.

Team Member Audit manager

Mr. Yahia Marzouk

He's Audit manager and responsible of record keeping, he was graduated in 1982 and joined the office in 1985.

Team Member Audit manager

Ms. Mervat saleh

She was graduated in 1978 and joined the office in 1978.

Team Member Audit mananger

Ms. Mona Naem

She was graduated in 1991 and she joined the office in 1993.

Team Member Audit manager

Mr. Ashraf Joseph

He was graduated in 1991 and he joined the office in 1999.

Our Mission

Wadid Rizkalla has the experience to make the right decisions , and help your organization grow.You want an advisor who can provide you with more than just accounting solutions. Our CPAs and advisors offer specialized skills and expertise, character and communication skills necessary to help clients achieve their objectives. Wadid Rizkalla is professional, prepared, attentive .Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our organization.and we're ready to deliver our services with pride, respect, integrity, and excellence.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer of our time – that’s the vision that motivates us in everything we do.And our strategy shows us how to make it a reality. Putting into action activities to benefit society,as we move towards our goal of being a leading company will inspire our employees as well as our customers, being in a great place to work to be the best they can be.We look forward to fulfilling the needs and desires of our customers the best way we can.Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty is what we look for.

Our Philosophy

A company's philosophy evolves as a set of laws or guidelines that gradually become established, through trial and error or through leadership, as expected patterns of behavior with basic beliefs. Maintenance of high ethical standards in external and internal relationships is essential to maximum success. Decisions should be based on objectively considered facts,with a "thought-through" approach to decision making.And there must be a reasonable work environment to achieve adjustment of business with workforce.